Event Staffing Success at the Super Bowl: The Four Keys

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When Super Bowl XLV came to North Texas in 2011, A+ Staffing won the business, and we staffed the largest sporting event in the world. On top of winning business directly related to the Super Bowl, many of our local clients also won business and had additional staffing orders for us. We spent months hiring, planning and organizing our teams, preparing for event planning success. Then, Dallas experienced an ice storm that shut everything down for days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. That changed all the previous planning.

Regardless of the ice storm, the Super Bowl was a huge success for A+ Staffing and we have been fortunate to support Super Bowl events for the last 10 years, including Super Bowl LV in 2021.  Each event presents its own challenges, but the experience and lessons learned were invaluable.

people at event giving directions
We provided 450 team members in various hospitality positions

Every year I remind our teammates about four key ingredients that have contributed to our event staffing and experiential marketing success over the last ten years:

1. We are the face of our client to every guest. It is critical that we deliver the Fans First! Experience (an NFL program designed to empower and prepare employees to deliver a great fan experience) for all attendees and teammates.

2. You set the tone. Whether it is pumping yourself up for an 18-hour day or encouraging a fellow team member, you have the power to impact your day in a positive way.

3. The only constant is change. These events are planned up to 4 years in advance. No matter how well we plan, we expect everything will change multiple times based on guest and operational needs. Be ready and be flexible.

4. Always assume positive intent. We are all working toward the same goal and will most likely encounter a few hiccups along the way. Know that your leadership team and everyone involved in producing the largest sporting event in the world is working toward our shared success.

Catering staff at Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV looked different this year, but our teammates still delivered an NFL Fans First! experience. Congratulations to all that made this event a success. Live events are coming back, and we can’t wait to work with you again soon.

Posted On Feb 24, 2021

Jade Edwards President

Jade Edwards


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