When Super Bowl XLV came to North Texas in 2011, A+ Staffing won the business, and we staffed the largest sporting event in the world. On top of winning business directly related to the Super Bowl, many of our local clients also won business and had additional staffing orders for us. We spent months hiring, planning and organizing our teams, preparing for event planning success. Then, Dallas experienced an ice storm that shut everything down for days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. That changed all the previous planning.

Regardless of the ice storm, the Super Bowl was a huge success for A+ Staffing and we have been fortunate to support Super Bowl events for the last 10 years, including Super Bowl LV in 2021.  Each event presents its own challenges, but the experience and lessons learned were invaluable.

people at event giving directions
We provided 450 team members in various hospitality positions

Every year I remind our teammates about four key ingredients that have contributed to our event staffing and experiential marketing success over the last ten years:

1. We are the face of our client to every guest. It is critical that we deliver the Fans First! Experience (an NFL program designed to empower and prepare employees to deliver a great fan experience) for all attendees and teammates.

2. You set the tone. Whether it is pumping yourself up for an 18-hour day or encouraging a fellow team member, you have the power to impact your day in a positive way.

3. The only constant is change. These events are planned up to 4 years in advance. No matter how well we plan, we expect everything will change multiple times based on guest and operational needs. Be ready and be flexible.

4. Always assume positive intent. We are all working toward the same goal and will most likely encounter a few hiccups along the way. Know that your leadership team and everyone involved in producing the largest sporting event in the world is working toward our shared success.

Catering staff at Super Bowl LV

Super Bowl LV looked different this year, but our teammates still delivered an NFL Fans First! experience. Congratulations to all that made this event a success. Live events are coming back, and we can’t wait to work with you again soon.


The live event dates were rescheduled multiple times and after months of anticipation, Event Marketer announced that the Experiential Marketing Summit would transform into a fully virtual event.  A+ Staffing had visited this premiere brand marketing event for the past 3 years and we were looking forward to our fourth in-person visit. Instead of Chicago, Las Vegas, or San Francisco, we found ourselves waking up in our own houses, brewing our own coffee, and shuffling into our own home offices to visit EMS 2020 for the week. 


Upon searching the conference agenda there were offerings for everyone. Programs included: live networking think tanks, live breakout sessions featuring experiential marketing industry expert contributors, experiential/event industry keynotes, DJ Sly dance breaks, trivia, yoga, high intensity boot camps, “Take a Walk With an Executive” podcasts, and various workshops. This agenda kept us learning and networking with attendees from all over the globe. 


The 5-day summit showcased educational topics including: ‘Creating Safe and Hygienic Events’, the ‘Event Permitting University’, ‘Event Safety, Security and Hygiene: What you Need to Know Now’, and ‘Hybrid: An Event Strategy for the New Normal’. At the Sparks, Women in Events Mini Wellness Retreat, craft cocktail recipes were shared and we learned great tips to balance your mindset.  At Jack Nadel’s Cooking with Celebrity Chef, Fabio Viviani, we made Fresh Egg Pasta with Ricotta and Fabio’s Mom’s Tomato Sauce. While watching the keynote speakers, we discovered how companies like Burger King and General Mills have handled COVID-19 pandemic marketing. During the live think tanks, there were moderated topics delivered by the Event Marketer Magazine team and it was fascinating to watch event planners and marketing executives have ‘A-HA’ inspirational moments. 


The overall theme of the Experiential Marketing Summit was very apparent. Event planning and production has changed permanently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and activations must include a hybrid approach with both virtual and in person components. The live event industry is not gone. We just need to think creatively about how to promote a safe environment for consumers to interact with brands and with one another. 

Ambassador talent is more necessary for brand awareness than ever (online and in-person). Brands are still hiring brand ambassadors, emcees, registration staff, street teams, mascots, catering/bartender/hospitality staff, greeters, and registration/hostesses for programs – these positions still exist.  Event marketers have taken the past 7 months to figure out the extra parameters needed for keeping event staff and attendees safe.  As more successful events are produced, more opportunities will continue to emerge.

As Albert Einstein once said, “in the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity,” and EMS 2020 brought brand marketers together during this difficult year to inspire us all to continue our quest to produce safe, memorable events.

A+ Staffing has a strong track record in helping many clients reach their Experiential Marketing goals. Please call us for more information, and let us help you design your next Experiential event!

EMS 2020

I will always remember March 12, 2020 as the strangest day of my 14-year event staffing career.  As I drove to the airport the NCAA decided to play without fans. Upon landing I heard the news from my team that our clients had been canceling scheduled catering, trade shows and promotional events for the next few months. By the end of the day the NCAA had cancelled March Madness. 

It felt surreal to be in business for 25 years staffing hundreds of events daily. Then in one day almost our entire calendar was wiped clean.  My head was spinning, and I knew we had to pivot and do it fast! 

I gathered the A+ Staffing leadership team to brainstorm the path forward. We found our event company in a position to temporarily transition from an in-person hospitality and an experiential marketing staffing firm into a front line Covid-19 support team.  We went to work providing staff for sanitization of national grocery chains, merchandising associates for convenience stores, ambassador personnel to prepare offices for essential workers, virtual ambassadors for online conferences and round the clock cleaning programs for some of the largest transportation systems in the country. We looked for every opportunity to help our partners safely conduct business during these unprecedented times.   

Through this transition we developed the following staffing competencies:

  • Sanitization Specialist
  • Social Distancing Squad
  • Merchandising Teams
  • Virtual Ambassadors
  • Zoom Meeting Hosts
  • Virtual Event Hosts
  • Return to Work Ambassador

We are not out of the woods yet, but our pivots are growing, and we are excited to support our clients and employees. 

A+ Staffing is ready for your next initiative.  From return to work programs to socially distanced events, we have the people and expertise to support your team. 

A+ Staffing has compiled a list of resources to help occupy your time while you and your families are stuck inside!

Fun For All Ages:



As an event staffing company we hire people for different hospitality roles including brand ambassadors, catering teams, promotional models, street teams, convention services, etc. The job responsibilities all vary, but the one constant is everyone that works an event is working on a team. Below are a few tips on how to be an effective team member for A+ Staffing.

  • Know the expectations and goals: As ambassadors it is your responsibility to carry out the clients vision. If the expectations and goals are not clearly communicate, ASK. 
  • Have a positive attitude: We get that some jobs can be tough. Your job may be working as a bartender or ambassador outside in excruciating heat. You cannot control the situation, but you can always control your attitude in the situation.
  • Respect your teammates and make them feel valued: Every person wants to be respected and feel valued by being recognized for their effort. You do not have to be the field manager or team lead to recognize others hard work.
  • Be willing to change course if needed: Due to the nature of events they are constantly changing. Be able to take direction and make the change happen.

Remember these tips for your next position at A+ Staffing and your effort as a valued team member will be noticed.

Monday: I traveled to the San Francisco Marriott Marquis and started to get ready for the 2018 EX Awards Gala and After Party at the Warfield Theater.  At the gala one of our clients, The Marketing Arm, racked up awards on programs that we helped support!

Experiential marketing summit sign

Tuesday: There were a lot of breakout sessions that discussed what major corporations are doing in the experiential marketplace.  I attended key notes from staff at Under Armor and Samsung, learning about what these major corporate players do to create an organic impression for consumers.  Each day there was a networking lunch that gave me time to meet other experiential professionals and learn about how A+ Staffing could partner with them to provide staffing solutions.  The Women in Events program was hosted by Wendy Sachs – an Author and Entrepreneur that gave us her book and highlighted her views on empowering women in the workplace.


Wednesday:  I visited the trade show floor to learn about what’s going new in our industry.  From VR vendors to experiential software outfitters – the trade show floor was double the size of Chicago Experiential Marketing Summit 2017.  There were a lot of opportunities to network and of course, tons of free giveaways! After having to visit my hotel room to drop the bags of swag I received, I headed to see the US Air Force speak about personalization and data collection strategies that make an impact and saw Kashi present ‘how to stand out at trade shows’.  The show closed for 2018 and I learned we will be off to Las Vegas for the Experiential Marketing Summit 2019!

Today marks the official launch of AplusPeople.com, the new online home of A+ Staffing.  Our site showcases the unique capabilities of our experiential, catering and convention teams.  No matter the job, A+ has an experienced team and dedicated account manager to ensure your success.  For those of you that love student staff…don’t worry, we still have terrific college students and recent grads.  In addition, we have a robust team of event professionals ready to deliver your vision.

Take a few minutes to look around, check out the blog and see the teams that work on your programs.  Our blog will be updated monthly, so please check back often to find out what we are up to.  This month’s blog features a post from our CEO Betsy Garner on “How to lead an exhilarating life”.

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