Pick up a Pepper at the Pop-Up Pit Stop

Dr. Pepper Pop-Up Event

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Our Brand Ambassadors treated travelling OU fans to all things Dr. Pepper and college football on their drive to Dallas for the big TX/OU rivalry game. The Fansville Pit Stop took over Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies and provided free Dr. Pepper, instagrammable moments, exclusive merchandise, and an appearance by “The Boz”.

  • Fansville took place in the small town of Davis, Ok which is located halfway between Oklahoma and Dallas. Due to the remote location, our recruiting team reached out to local businesses to talk about the event and recruit new team members.
  • We provided 23 team members in six different positions: Merchandising Sales, Merchandising Stocking, Directionals/Photo Takers, Samplers, Celebrity Crowd Control and a Field Manager.


  • The Fansville Pit Stop was well attended by OU supporters and our sampling team handed out over 5,000 Dr. Peppers during the activation.
  • Our client raved about the on-site staff’s ability to maintain an upbeat personality for the length of the shift and how friendly and welcoming they were to all consumers.
  • Due to the short lead time, our account team had to work quickly and get creative in their recruiting efforts to be 100 percent staffed on an already busy college football weekend.


  • Experiential Marketing
  • Retail Merchandising

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